Hello everyone!

Just wanted to update you all that we're about halfway through the
fundraiser for Canadian Frame(lines), an interactive documentary and
community engagement project I cooked up with my partner Alexandra
Caulfield. Canadian Frame(lines) is a travelling project that seeks to
elucidate some elements of Canadian identity by putting analog film
production and processing equipment in the hands of people all across the
country, allowing them to tell their own stories in a way that they have
probably not had a chance to do.

Our fundraiser is going well, and we're very happy to have had some
wonderful support so far from various locations. However, we are trying to
make a big push to buoy the middle act of the campaign (which is usually
the hardest period), and we'd love to have you on board. This past Friday
we were featured on the home page of Indiegogo.com and we're trying to keep
the momentum up from that, so if you have a minute and can spare a buck or
two, we would really love to have your participation at
indiegogo.com/canadianframelines. You can also help us out big time by
sharing the project widely with your contacts. We're on Facebook at
facebook.com/Canadianframelines and Twitter at @CDNFramelines.

This might seem like a project of pretty narrow scope to be pitching here,
especially as the majority of Frameworkers (I believe) are not Canadian.
However, for Americans, Canada is your largest neighbour, shares your
longest border, and is your biggest trading partner. For the rest of the
world, Canada is a major player in the resource market and our artists,
performers, and entertainers exhibit all over the globe. Yet very few
people have an accurate impression of what makes this simultaneously giant
and tiny nation unique (its inhabitants included–see some of our
interviews) and we would like to change that. For the benefit of Canadians,
yes, but also for the rest of the world.

Here's a good article for more information:

If you have comments or questions, I'm more than happy to answer them!

Thanks again for your time,

Ryder White
Co-Founder, Canadian Frame(lines)
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