I knew of Tacita Deans efforts, but not the extent. An excerpt:

The analogue side’s victories are measured in inches—Ms. Dean recently
obtained a formal promise from camera manufacturer Arri to reopen their 16
mm labs and develop the film for the next 10 years.

She now wants to have analogue film protected by UNESCO, in the same way
that organization protects world heritage sites like Stonehenge.
Cinematographer Guillermo Navarro planted the idea in her head at an event
in Turbine Hall, and it has since become an appealing path, in the absence
of any others, even though it’s unclear exactly what such protection would
mean for the medium.

“It is quite like conceptual artwork,” she said, responding to a suggestion
that UNESCO protection might take that form. “It’s worryingly conceptual,
but maybe we’re at that point. And now that I have this consortium of
people supporting film, we need to fund it so someone else takes the reins.
Some minister can do it, because at this point, I can’t.”

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