Dear Film Friends:

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We are excited to announce we have  *new films** *in our collection for

With MOMA's amazing preservation team, we now have a newly restored 16mm
print of *Charles Henri Ford's "Poem Posters" (1967*) with a soundtrack
featuring narration by William Burroughs among other Warhol stars.

We have a new 16mm print of *Beryl Sokoloff's "My Mirrored Hope" (1963).
*This iconic feature, MY MIRRORED HOPE, is a vibrant portrait of visionary
artist Clarence Schmidt.  The film intertwines views of Schmidt's fantastic
house in Woodstock, NY, his sculptures and gardens with the man himself.
Sokoloff portrays Clarence as a wizardly inhabitant of his magic world.

Last, but certainly not least, we have *thirteen **hand-crafted collage
films by Katherine Bauer!*

We would love to hear from you!

The Film-Makers' Coop Team
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