hi all!

passing on this special annoucement for anthology - we're very happy that
pip in the flesh will cross the threshold of the old courthouse this very
friday night for the opening to present his must-see, 'free radicials: a
history of experiment film,' and joined by the composers of the picture's
score, black lake, who will be giving a concert at anthology at 7.


Hi Frameworkers,
Just wanted to remind the list that Anthology is opening this Friday a
week-long run of FrameWorks founder (12/1995) Pip Chodorov's FREE RADICALS:
 A HISTORY OF EXPERIMENTAL FILM. Pip will be present for the opening night
screenings this Friday (at 7pm and 9pm) as well as this Saturday and Sunday
evening screenings, and the closing night screenings on Thursday August 9.

Here's the link on our website and the same info is also below and in our
printed calendars:



Pip Chodorov


August 3 – 9

* *

This feature-length documentary provides a vivid, eye-opening, and
appropriatelypersonal introduction to one of the most important, yet
perpetually marginalized, realms of filmmaking: avant-garde cinema.

Achieving the near-impossible task of doing justice in a mere 82 minutes to
this incredibly rich, varied, and expansive domain, FREE RADICALS is as
expertly constructed an introduction to the topic as one could hope for,
thanks in large part to the film’s privileging of rare interviews with some
of the most importantfilmmakers in the avant-garde tradition (including
Jonas Mekas, Peter Kubelka, Stan Brakhage, and Hans Richter), and its
inclusion of several films in their entirety.

Narrated in a personal and plainspoken manner by Chodorov, the film’s
sincere admiration for its subject is best reflected by Chodorov’s own
description: “I wanted to share a few of the films I love and introduce you
to some of the free, radical artists who made them.”

“Named after the experimental film classic by Len Lye, FREE RADICALS is an
informative yet above all passionate film essay, as well as a fine
introduction to the world of avant-garde film. … Using a range of different
film formats along the way, Chodorov sketches out the genealogy of
avant-garde filmmaking in a playful, yet ultimately very accessible
documentary that aims to transmit this legacy to a new audience.”

*The 7:00 opening night screening will feature a live performance by Black
Lake (Slink Moss & Susan Jennings), the composers of the FREE RADICALS

*–Friday, August 3 through Thursday, August 9 at 7:00 & 9:00 nightly.
Additional screenings on Saturday and Sunday at 5:00.*


*(FREE RADICALS, Pip Chodorov, 2010, 82 minutes, video. **Distributed by
Kino International.)*


*Additional info:*


* *




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