I read through the dossier on the 2010 meeting:


What?  Artists complaining?

Such a meeting can afford to be fucked up.  And maybe a forum like this one 
online actually makes us less appreciative of such an event.

I wish I knew what Halter said about institutionalization.  I would not want to 
accept an analysis in terms of practices found in this or that particular 

Benj Gerdes writes that "the questions of medium and context were actually ones 
professionalism, self-preservation, and belonging, and were attached to 
competing narratives of decline and loss, or emergence and possibility."  
Worthy of quotation!  What's more, there should have been discussion of the 
"expansion" of film and video through academic appointments and rental.  That 
sounds like an academic paper.

Mireille Bourgeois says it would have been good to hear more discussion about 
the idea of medium.  The "technological challenges" facing more traditional 
practices like film don't interest her.  I recommend German media theory.

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