Fotokem in LA has been very accommodating to me whenever I ask them
for small batches of print stocks.  They seem to be especially
accommodating for students/faculty, they have a student liaison who is
very helpful.  They gave me 600" of 7272, that I used to make an
interneg on a JK.  Very happy with it.  Only thing is i lost all my
edge code.  Before I acquired the 7272 I was using 50D to make
interneg, also looks great, but definitely looks different from 7272,
grainier, colors are more saturated, contrast goes up, etc.... Another
benefit to print stock over film stock, is print stock is cheaper!
Best of Luck.

-Eric Stewart

On Sun, Aug 19, 2012 at 7:47 AM, Scott Dorsey <> wrote:
> If you need a small amount of the stock, by the way, Alpha Cine just did an
> 1800 ft. job for me and they may have some leftover.
> --scott
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