Hi Carl----------

Our MFA at Buffalo is certainly focused "on individual practice,
conceptualization, experimentation", as we have been for forty years. We're very
diverse -- but also quite small, and tightly-knit, even though we're in the 
of a big research University. Check us out....



Tony Conrad     
Department of Media Study
231 Ctr for the Arts 
University at Buffalo 14260

On Thu 08/23/12  6:01 PM , Marcy Saude threecolorsallbl...@yahoo.com sent:
> A few MFAs that are both "experimental" and offer a combo of funding
> and paid TA opportunities are University of Colorado at Boulder,
> University of Illinois Chicago and University of Iowa. UIC and Boulder
> both offer film within their studio art MFA programs. 
> Good luck,
> Marcy 
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> FROM: Carl Elsaesser 
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> SUBJECT: [Frameworks] MFA
> Perhaps this is a touchy subject on this list, but I'd love to hear
> what anyone has to say on the subject of film MFAs. I am just starting
> the research phase of applying and any direction would be much
> appreciated. There seems to be such a polemic between film schools
> geared towards positioning students for industry jobs and film schools
> that focus more on individual practice, conceptualization,
> experimentation... And while I'd say I am way more on the later side,
> I'd certainly love to find a school that has a good technical
> foundation. Other than that, I'm looking for a school that offers
> working as a TA, or full rides... which seems harder and harder to
> find.... And just to throw it out there, any thoughts on Berlin? 
> Sorry for the barrage of questions, but I figured who better to ask! 
> Thanks so much,
> -- 
> carl Elsaesser
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