Jorge was 28. He had been working as a baker in Portugal in the tiny town
of Lavre, and he loved film, especially experimental film. He had an
incredible collection of artist moving image works, and was always keen to
introduce them to others. Lavre didn't have a community of people who cared
about experimental film, so he reached out to people in various communities

Using only the internet, he managed to educate many people around the world
about experimental film and video.

Unfortunately, there is little indication that can be found of how he died.
There are pages of dedications and memories on the Karagarga community
forum. There have been comments only about him having mentioned to a few
people that he was having difficulties with illness.

Thank-you Marcos for your dedication on the expcinema website.

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> This is a big shock. He was so young, and so incredibly knowledgeable
> about film, and, as you say, so generous. What sadness this is! Can you say
> how he died?
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> Dear all
> Jorge Amaro, dearest friend and fellow frameworker, whom some of you may
> know or have had contact with, passed away last week. Jorge was one of the
> most sensible souls I've ever known, cinephile amongst cinephiles, and
> always eager to share his knowledge and passion on cinema.
> Best,
> Marcos
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