Democrascope is a cine-lab inviting you to help define the current
political moment.

We are looking for very short videos (3 minutes or less) on the theme
of active democracy in genres ranging from documentary to
experimental, narrative, performance-based, sci-fi, etc. The videos
will be programmed into Democrascope, an installation drawing
connections between the early history of cinema as public spectacle
(such as Montreal’s own Ouimetoscope and its invitation to ‘Venez en
Foule!’ - Come en masse) and contemporary, crowdsourced media culture.

A typical film program at the turn of the 20th century included
politics, news items, human interest stories, observations of every
day life, of nature, of eccentric events. The films had titles like
Trouble in a Basement, John Rockefeller and the Reporter, The Last
Collar Button, Niagara Falls in Winter, From Socialism to Nihilism.

The exhibition will take place at Joyce Yahouda Gallery Montreal
October 11 - November 5, 2012.

Please send a link to your online videos to and

Matt Soar
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