There were millions of different designs that used pre-perforated tape.
The one I have came from MPE and is very pleasant to use, but it's 16mm
only.  Likewise Neumade and Craig made them.  The Neumade is nicer than
the Craig.

I have only seen these for 16mm... I have never seen one that did both
16mm and Super-8.

Many of them will do both straight and diagonal splices so you can edit
mag as well with the same splicer.

The perforated tape splicer is less messy and produces splices that tend
to go more smoothly through the projector, but it takes a LOT longer than
using the Catozzi.  You can cover extended frames if you want a stronger
splicer or you're trying to fix damaged perfs, but the splice is much more
noticeable on screen if you do that.
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