Thank you for sharing your knowledge, Scott.  I'm looking for a low cost
solution, but you've given me a lot of ideas.



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> Any standard microscope will work with a Bolex.... Edmund Optics will
> sell you a standard device that will replace the eyepiece of the scope
> and attach a C-mount lens to it.  The eyepieces have all been made to a
> DIN standard so just about any microscope since the late 1930s will have
> the same arrangement.  Edmund will also sell you a relay lens arrangement
> which may be needed if you don't have a wide enough focussing range.
> It is _easier_ to use a microscope with beamsplitters that allow you to
> look through the microscope at the same time the camera is running.  Many
> newer microscopes can be ordered with "trinocular heads" that have a
> c-mount
> on top which would allow you to connect a Bolex up and run it while looking
> through the eyepieces.
> So... the questions begin with how much you want to pay and what kind of
> magnification you need.  You could get a cheap Spencer student microscope
> for a hundred dollars or so and use the Edmund adaptor.  You can spend
> $180,000 for a Zeiss Axio with a built-in beamsplitter.  Both will give
> you good results at lower magnifications with enough light.  The Zeiss
> will have less flare and be a thousand times easier to use especially if
> you're trying to track a moving object.
> If you're looking to buy an inexpensive scope in the $1000 region, I would
> look at some of the Russian microscopes that Edmund Scientifics is selling.
> (Edmund Scientifics is not the same company as Edmund Optics... they both
> split off the same parent company but one got the conventional microscopes
> and the other got stereoscopes).
> Unless you're looking for lower magnifications (sub-100X) in which case
> ignore
> all this and look at the Mitutoyo machinist's inspection scopes.
> --scott
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