Grahame Weinbren.  Where have I seen that name?  Ah, here: At the Edge of Art, 
by Joline Blais and Jon Ippolito (Thames and Hudson, 2006), p. 33.  The authors 
call their thinking "edge studies."  It's an excellent book (and mentions Pip, 
p. 161, in relation to Olia Lialina's Last Real Net Art Museum).  But a look 
via the link, oh no.  That's the cinema of David Curtis' A History of Artist's 
Film and Video in Britain.  That's what video becomes when it has lost its 
way.  And the internet?  In Blais and Ippolito the conversation is about art, 
whether a tool by a digital artist itself counts as art.  Weinbren brothers 
program something called Limosine.  What now?


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MIllennium Film Journal No. 56 "Material Practice: From Sprockets to Binaries" 
is in production. Publication later this month. 

A preview (part of Janis Crystal Lipzin's contribution) is  posted at:

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