Be careful of the Digital-8 camcorders. I never knew anyone who had a digital 
camcorder who didn't have a broken digital 8 camcorder. If Jeff says they give 
good results when working, I absolutely take his word for it. But caveat emptor 
when buying a used one, and don't pay too much.

A lot of High-8 camcorders and decks were much better made, but at this late 
date, the capacitors on anything can be pooped out. So you wouldn't want to buy 
anything that's been sitting in storage without giving it a good use test 
first. On any of the better-made units, the transport should be OK if it hasn't 
been abused, so tape-eating isn't the most likely problem. Just whether it 
works at all, and has a clean video out.

I'm assuming Tony's comment translates as "with old tech it can be easier and 
cheaper to just buy something, rather than hunt down and pay for a rental," 
which is often true in my experience as well. Helps to know what you're looking 
for, but I think Steven's been around the block enough to navigate the 
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