Some information on the Daems Laboratory in Paris!

>This is to announce that Daems laboratory's website has now a English version.
>Daems laboratory is very well known in France for offering very 
>special services around film material, like physically descratching 
>original negatives or prints ; applying Teflon coating for better 
>slipping qualities (especially valuable for films put in loopers) ; 
>all the way to recuperating old nitrate reels that have become one 
>solid block over time...
>I'm not a stock-holder (it's a small family business actually), but 
>I just feel everyone should know they are around, as they have been 
>working with the French industry for long, but are not very well 
>know abroad, although they offer some services, like descratching 
>originals, that I'm not sure you can find in many places around 
>planet Earth. Most of their equipment, actually, they built 
>These are difficult times for them, trying to  be more well-known 
>now that working for just the French can't be enough business to 
>support them.
>So please forward this to anyone working in labs or archiving that 
>you think could be interested. (Actually, can someone please forward 
>it to the Frameworks servlist ?)
>Thank you
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