Solarization (Sabatier)  is a first-developer thing, because it effects how the 
image is formed from the latent image by the developer.  The second developer 
pretty much develops everything that's left on the film, so solarization in the 
second developer shouldn't do much.  Then again, I never use the E6 kit; does 
it require reexposure before the color developer, or is it a fogging (color) 
redeveloper that does not require light?  If the latter, then there might be an 
interesting differential to be had between light-reexposure (from Sabatier)  
and chemical reexposure.

On Nov 14, 2012, at 9:39 PM, Sonali wrote:

> I used to use the TMax kit by Kodak to hand process super8mm film but now 
> that that's been discontinued I'm planning on using the E6 kit.
> Any pieces of advice?
> Also if I want to experiment solarizing the film, should I do that after the 
> first developer or after the color developer?
> Would love any piece of advice/ recipes from Frameworkers as I play around 
> with this tomorrow.
> Thanks in advance
> Sonali 
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