Hi Chuck,

Ernie Gehr was at SCMS in Boston this past year, talking about his recent video 
The panel consisted of Gehr, Haden Guest (Harvard Film Archive), Ken Eisenstein 
(U of Chicago),
and J. Carlos Kase (University of North Carolina). Perhaps their papers are 
available online 
somewhere? I was also astonished to see the amount of work he has done since 

Derek Taylor
New Haven, CT

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Thanks to Fred for making this available.
It is rather astonishing to see how much work Gehr has produced after 2000, and 
especially in the past few years.  Has anyone written  about this?  Any 
interviews with him where he discusses it?  
There are some media makers who have been remarkably productive in the amount 
of their work, while there are others who seem very parsimonious in finished 
product.  Obviously some of this has to do with artistic vision and goals, and 
also personality, but also resources, etc.  I can't think of anyone who made 
such a rapid shift as is evidenced in this filmography.
I'd love to learn more about it.  And to see the new work!
Chuck Kleinhans                                           
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