iDailies are very good if you just want a colour neg dev and telecine, and 
their prices are low.They also do Super 8 now.

Prestech is a wonderful lab too. Their main activity is restoration: they 
recently restored Fritz Lang's Neibelungen. They dev and print 16mm B&W and 
colour and they are very good, but, like most labs these days, not cheap. It's 
a very small operation run by a wonderful Brazilian guy who is totally 

Hope this helps,





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Has anyone on Frameworks (Nicky?) used this lab recently and found it
to be a good place? I'm hoping to process and maybe even telecine
there and their prices seem okay, I just wondered what kind of results
they get. They were my first call but I was also considering iDailies,
who I'm curious about too. Any thoughts on them?

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