Hi frameworks,
As some of you may know I've been setting up a HD 8mm telecine service this 
month at Gauge Film. We're waiting for the unit to arrive so we can set it all 
up and do some tests before offering a service. I just wondered if any of you 
have any advice on cleaning film before putting it through my telecine machine. 
Firstly, will film that has just been processed need to be cleaned or can it be 
put straight through? 
Secondly what's the best way to physically go about cleaning it? I have heard 
some people use the lomo tanks to clean film, others us the reels on a 
projector and some kind of cloth, wiping it as it goes past. Any info at all 
would be great (I haven't a clue on film cleaning). This is going to be an 
affordable service so trying to keep costs down is a priority. We need to 
strike a good balance between cost and excellent quality.
All the bestKevin     

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