This is one gorgeous "new" color negative stock and reflects my
growing dissatisfaction with the limited latitude and crushed
highlights experienced with my predominate shooting of E100D stock in
the UP8 2.8 R8 format.

However, I am still saddened by the reduced options available to the
Super 8 community with Kodak's announcement of discontinuing E100D
Super 8 color reversal film as per my previous thread. And the fact
remains that my original color reversal UP8 2.8 R8 projection prints
exemplify amazing color fidelity, clarity and sharpness.

I have previously had Mr. Edward Nowill in the UK reproforate single
perf 16mm V3 50D stock into double perf Regular 8 film for my use in
the UP8 2.8 R8 Bolex camera. I wonder if Kodak itself might be
interested in stocking V3 50D R8?

Talk about a major one-two punch. One hand giveth the other taketh.
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