There's a new feature in the UK called Sightseers, by Paul Wheatly, that would 
fit on the travel trailers list.

One for the auto list (albeit a bit subtle), would be Sofia Coppola's film, 


Bryan Konefsky <> wrote:

>Hi all, just to clarify - I was kidding when I suggested that I needed more
>film titles related to the representation of the auto in cinema... your
>ongoing list if fantastic and quite inspiring - thanks everyone... I was
>serious about suggestions for readings though...
>Also, second question - and this is related to the auto question but
>slightly different - I am putting together a lecture (not a course) about
>the representation of travel trailers in cinema - Here, I am thinking
>specifically of the moral panic of mobility as expressed explicitly by the
>FBI around the popularity of motor courts and trailer parks (one of you
>described moral panic in my last "auto question" as related to "mobile
>bedrooms"  - thanks for that).
>Some films/TV shows that I currently have include - well - the obvious
>Lucille Ball vehicle The Long, Long Trailer, the first TV episode of Alfred
>Hitchcock Presents (where a couple living in a trailer park is driven to
>murder), and an educational film titled We Live In A Trailer.
>Any memorable scenes from films or films themselves that deal with mobile
>homes and/or travel trailers?
>Know that I have some great texts on the subject including:
>The Making of American Resorts
>On Hobos and Homelessness
>Gypsying After 40
>Galloping Bungalows
>Wheel Estate
>Americans on the Road
>Travels With Charlie
>OK, thanks EVERYONE for your last input about autos... let's see what
>happens with this inquiry!
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