It's worth noting for those in the US that Spectra Film & Video sells Fuji 
Velvia in Super 8. 


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Thanks Cherry,
The cost of individually importing film (and film accessories) to UK from 
continental Europe is exessive - I tried it a couple of times and came away 
with holes in my pockets. If only UK companies would be a little more outgoing 
and buy in some of these film stocks *in bulk* it would be a happy day all 
round. That Fuji Velvia exists as a motion picture film stock yet, as far as I 
know, is unavailable in Britain as cine film, says it all. 
Silverprint London (Waterloo) occasionally stock Foma film [Czech Republic] in 
b/w reversal, Standard 8, Double Super 8, and 16mm. This is great stuff I 
find and they also sell the chemistry to develop it. But the supply is 
sporadic. Possibly with dwindling reversal stocks the supply may improve and 
Foma may step up their production, what have they to lose? If only they could 
come up with a colour reversal film to match their b/w stock.
Fingers crossed for the future of reversal film. 
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