thanks for this post, Doug, about screening some Belson prints at PFA. You'll 
be pleased to learn that World has since been preserved, as has Momentum (we 
screen a 16mm print of the latter in CVM's traveling Belson Retrospective 
program). World is scheduled for the second Belson DVD, though no release date 
is set yet. 

Your description of the World print, below, will perhaps help some people to 
understand why Belson pulled his film prints out of distribution decades ago.   

And some good news, CVM has received a grant to preserve Belson's legendary 
film "LSD."

Cindy Keefer
Center for Visual Music (CVM)
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...I was particularly excited to finally see some 16mm prints of a couple of 
his pieces. 

"Meditation" Jordan Belson
Coolly blue, flowing dynamic visuals. Misty, shimmering, rich blacks, handsome 
beautiful blue shapes and cloud-forms. Very calming and dream-like. Delicious 
to look at and great sound too. To my recollection, his most cool and relaxing 

"World" Jordan Belson
Unfortunately the print is terrible, milky white, faded colors, along with the 
normal problems like dirt and scratches... this film print to my recollection 
is completely ruined. Like some kind of very sad archaelogical find of a once 
great painting that has fallen apart to almost nothing of it's former glory.

"Momentum" Jordan Belson
This one is the vaguest in my mind. I definitely have to see it again to give 
it it's proper due. 

"Light" Jordan Belson
A favorite of mine from the CVM DVD and it was great to see it projected on 
film! An old print, pretty bruised and beaten with dirt and scratches. But the 
colors are still saturated and vivid! Having known all the visuals in it after 
many several viewings of the dvd on different kinds of screens and players over 
the last 3 years, it was quiet a revelation to enjoy it projected on celluloid! 
I saw some incredible differences in  the visual details and motions. The kind 
of movement and textural "look" of the film print was very different and more 
exciting optically to me and much more dynamically kinetic and graceful.  
Douglas Graves
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