Hi all,

I recently acquired what seems to be a very nice 6 plate flatbed Moviola (that 
may prove to be a contradiction in terms, we'll see). I haven't played with it 
much yet. I've been warned that it's a notorious film snapper, but I haven't 
experienced that yet. 

I wonder if anyone knows how to track down a manual on one of these? I've 
worked quite a bit with Steenbecks in the past and I'm realizing just how 
different they function. 

The main problem I've run into so far, and this may be user error rather than 
something that needs to be repaired (i hope), but after I've turned on the 
switches for the two "pix" plates for the picture, and they put tension on the 
film, I turn the variable knob labeled "Master", which I assume is suposed to 
transport the film, but nothing happens. The two mag sound knobs seem to work 
just fine. I'm figuring I just don't have something adjusted right since the 
table was in use as of 2 years ago, from what the fellow told me. Anyway, any 
help is appreciated. 

Mike Morris
Dallas, TX
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