The third issue of Sequence, edited by Simon
Payne and published by in London, is now available. Bigger and
better, Sequence no.3 is 64 pages, perfect-bound, with a glossy cover and full
colour images throughout. Sequence is an artist-run, printed publication by, devoted to the dissemination of ideas and debates concerning
contemporary artists' film and video, encompassing a wide range of articles
from illustrated contextual essays through to artists' pages. Reflecting the 
ethos of's Light Reading series and related events, which have sought
to foster a relationship between practice and critical reflection, the articles
in Sequence expand on discussions regarding aesthetics, influences, and
pressing issues stemming from practice. 

The contributors to Sequence 3 are: Jayne Parker, Bruce McClure, Peter Kennard
and A.L. Rees, Nicky Hamlyn, Neil Henderson, Andrew Vallance, Nina Power,
Esther Leslie, William Raban, Hilary Koob-Sassen,  Bradley Eros, Martina
Mullaney, Vicky Smith, Hysteriography, Mareike Bernien and  Kerstin
Schroedinger, William English and Gustave Morin.   

See for more details.

For sales please e.mail:
or call +44 (0) 207 7294494 tues - saturday
£8 price (for individuals)  £32 (institutional price) + £2.75 p&p
(UK), £3.75 (EU) £4.75 (USA) 

Sequence is also available via the LUX shop
and the BFI and Tate Modern bookshops.  
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