Yep, you can't get rid of the orange either, I wondered that, the colour is 
also something to do with the chemical composition of colour negative 
apparently :-|


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You can process colour print film and colour negative in E-6. 

If processing colour negative your first step will be to remove the remjet, 
about a minute in water with Borax will do the trick. You'll need to overexpose 
the film 2 stops and push 1 stop for best results. The positive image will have 
a golden tinge to it. It won't look like Ektachrome but you will get a good 
image to work with.



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Subject: [Frameworks] Ektachrome or 16mm color reversal
Hi all... i work primarily with color reversal and am teaching an experimental 
film course at the art school in Reykjavik Iceland. Any help where I can find 
16mm color reversal film right now that can be hand-processed E-6?! Fuji just 
stopped their color positive print stocks and apparently Kodak has no 100D 
Ektachrome color reversal either! 


best, Rebekka  
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