I'm told you also want to get a Voltage converter that can handle more than
%50 of your wattage. So for 400W, you'd want to get at least a 600W
transformer. (just found this
while it's a store and they probably want to sell you the more
transformer, it may be helpful.)

I had an issue where I took a Pageant over (900w - the bulb was 750, the
machine another 100 or so, the sound 20w, etc) and plugged it into a 1000w
converter. It worked, but after a bit, it didn't, as in, it just stopped
(no burn smell or anything) and it was done.

I didn't have time to troubleshoot back then, but I wonder if the %50 thing
was one of the possible issues (crappy converter from sketchy store being
another possible suspect.), though now I'm wondering what   what Scott
Dorsey wrote above about the motor running hotter was the issue.

As that's the extent of my projector travels, I'd listen to someone who has
more experience however.

And regarding frequency - also remember that it's not just the image that
goes slower, but also the sound, giving it a very noticeable warble.

On Fri, Jan 25, 2013 at 11:47 AM, Scott Dorsey <klu...@panix.com> wrote:

> If you use a normal crappy autotransformer from the hardware store, it will
> probably be fine.  However, the projector motor will run 20% slower.  This
> means your 24 fps setting will not be 24 fps but it also means the motor
> will run hotter and the cooling fan will not move as much air past the
> lamp.  So if you do this, I would use a smaller lamp size.
> It's easy to change voltage, it's very hard to change operating frequency.
> If these are Kodak Analyst projectors there are some belt changes that will
> make them operate properly on 50 Hz.  If they are Specos there are some
> pulley
> replacements.  Check the projector manual.
> --scott
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