Hey All,

My new feature *Hasta Nunca* (shot in Uruguay) will be at Union Docs in NYC
Saturday February 2.  As always at Union Docs, the screening will be
followed by a spirited conversation.  Details on the film are on the link,
and also below.


Hope to see you there!

Mark Street

*Hasta Nunca *follows MARIO LIGETTI, a middle aged hipster DJ who
produces an underground radio show in Montevideo, Uruguay. On his
show  Secrets and Stories he invites listeners to share their intimate
thoughts with him and a live radio audience. Mario re-negotiates his
public and private personas during the course of the film and enters
into an extra marital affair with JULIA, a divorcee searching for a
new artistic spark.
 In this international production (USA, Uruguay) each call in to the
show was written and performed by local actors. Topics  addressed in
telephone conversations:  lingering effects of the military
dictatorship in Uruguay, the difficulty of obtaining an -illegal-
abortion and varied identity issues.  Ligetti’s show is a modern
rollicking *Miss Lonelyhearts*, with its host increasingly suffocated by
the personal predicaments of his listeners.
 Shot in cinéma vérité style, *Hasta Nunca *reveals Montevideo as a
strong background character in the film’s visual landscape. Callers’
voices on the radio provide an acoustic counterpoint for an
observational investigation of this ramshackle port city which retains
the architectural vestiges of its colonial past.
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