Many of the films of Jim Jennings might work here.

Don't see these, or most street photography, as voyeuristic.


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Hello Frameworkers,

I am trying to drum up a list of films/videos that use voyeurism and/or street photography as a central component. But in typing this I realize that neither 'voyeurism' nor 'street photography' are really the correct words/terms to use for what I am looking for. I am interested in the cinematic equivalent of 'street photography,' specifically films like those made by Nathaniel Dorsky or Jem Cohen, where the filmmaker is filmming/recording people on the street and/or other public places without their knowledge. Voyeurism tends to be associated with watching people in private spaces doing private things, which is not what i am interested in, but the word still lends itself to this query.

Any ideas of films, and good words/terms to describe them would be much appreciated!


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