Hi Alex,

I'm a filmmaker and have done animation and would like to incorporate
more animation into my work so I'm very interested in the Oxberry
Animation Stand. I live in San Francisco and teach at UC Santa Cruz. I
have friends who are often in Halifax and who perhaps could arrange to
have it picked up, or yes, would like to discuss shipping options.

Thanks very much!
Rini Y Keagy

From: Alex Balkam <blueswingingd...@gmail.com>
To: frameworks@jonasmekasfilms.com
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2013 15:34:49 -0400
Subject: [Frameworks] Oxberry Master Series Animation Stand 16/35mm
 Hello, I am Technical Coordinator for the Atlantic Filmmakers
Cooperative in Halifax, N.S. Canada. We are looking into perhaps
unloading our excellent condition Oxberry Master Series Animation

 View here for details on the model type:

 Are there any filmmakers/animators on Frameworks who might be
interested in this item. Care to discuss price terms, shipping
strategies, etc.


 Alex Balkam
 Technical Coordinator for Atlantic Filmmakers Cooperative
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