This thread might help (you'll have to make it past the sarcastic answers 

If that is not the problem, you might try using MPEG streamclip or another 
program instead of Compressor.

GENE - I would suggest using Compressor or MPEG streamclip and converting your 
MP2 files to quicktime files in the DV/DVCPro - NTSC codec if you're planning 
on keeping the project in SD. No need to take up storage space with ProRes422 
unless you need the resolution.

-Jason Halprin

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I also have some MP4 files that I want to convert to DV for editing in FCP. 
When I use Compressor I choose MP4 and the file I want to transcode, but when I 
press "Submit" I get the following message: "One or more jobs do not have a 
source media file assigned". Dunno what to do,

Please can you help,



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as far as my knowledge of FCP goes, this software does not like compressed 
files. it works well with apple's codecs, the best of them being AppleProRes422 
or AppleProRes422(HQ). “HQ” stands for high quality. it has double the bitrate 
of the non-hq format, and weighs double in terms of file size. if you convert 
from mpeg-2 which is a compressed format it is useless to use HQ. to convert 
from MPEG-2 to AppleProRes422 use apple compressor or the free app MPEG 
streamclip. apple compressor might already be in your computer as it is part of 
the apple editing suite comprising FCP. it is pretty forward to use. open the 
file you want to transcode, choose the output format and the output 
destination, and run the program. likewise for MPEG streamclip.

On 11 February 2013 22:13, Gene Youngblood <> wrote:

Frameworkers: I’ve got an mpeg-2 video file that I want to import into FCP 
version 6, but FCP doesn’t recognize it. What format should I convert it to 
FCP will accept? I’m not personally doing this, my assistant is, and she’s 
learning. So us novices will appreciate your advice.
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