Hello fellow frameworkers,

  First off, I want to thank any and all of you who may have donated to our
cause. It's really humbling to see the community come out from all over the
world for our little start-up transient cinema.  We're very close - just a
little less than $400 to go. It may not seem like much, but it's almost a
fourth of our goal.

  We are now in the final days of our fundraiser, and we recently added
some gifts that Frameworkers may be interested in:

A personalized DVD of work by Scott Stark! Choose from any (most of 1990 -
Present) of Stark's work, adding up to 75 minutes, and the filmmaker will
make you a personalized and signed DVD! Scott's films and videos have shown
locally, nationally and internationally. His films have won many awards,
his film Angel Beach was selected for the 2002 Whitney Biennial and in 2007
Scott received a Guggenheim Fellowship.

-We still have DVD's from Other Cinema! Thank you Other Cinema!

-Plus, we also restructured some of our other perks. We added an additional
set of tickets to our shows (along with a large t-shirt); donors at the $30
level can receive tickets to the Fusebox Festival; and taking a class on
16mm filmmaking and hand-processing is now available to donors at the $50
point. The last set of buttons from our Avant-Erotica show is now available
as a stand-alone perk as well!

  If you don't know about us, we're Experimental Response
We recently completed our first year of operations, and are very busy
bringing an other cinema to Austin. It's been going good.

  This fundraiser is vital for us to fulfill the terms of our grant
application and every dollar counts. All our funds go towards film prints
and filmmakers, and all of it so we can share it with the city. Please
donate if you can, and please spread the word! You can find out more by
clicking the image below, or visit http://www.indiegogo.com/ercatx

(and this is the last time I'll post this here. Thank you for your

ekrem serdar
austin, tx
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