My Eikis (SSL-0/3580) have a useful little graphic to show which is for 50Hz & 
which is for 60Hz.  (Pretty sure 60 is on the left if you're looking into the 
projector.)  Keep in mind you'll also need a serious voltage converter unless 
you want to fry the circuitry.  They're made to run 24 fps in either system, 
but they're not made to handle 220V of juice.  (My GS-1200 (s8 projector) does 
seem to be made to handle either current though with just the turn of a screw.  
Never put it to the test though.)

There are apparently models with a "voltage selector" just next to the High/Low 
lamp switch though (near the lamp itself).  I haven't seen these, but according 
to this manual, they do exist:

Good luck!

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Subject: [Frameworks] 220v projector in north america

Hey all

I have this memory that there is a couple different models of Eiki or Elmo 
projectors which can run on either 110 or 220v power. like they are switchable 
or have a motor that can take both currents?


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