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This year, the festival ( Paris Festival for Different and experimental cinema) will take place in autumn, from October 15th until the 20th. The call for entries is now open. We aim to carry on what was initiated in the previous years in order to give visibility to a wide spectrum of current experiments in cinema. This year, in parallel to the films in competition, the "focus" program will address more specifically the use of archival images as traces, materials and collective histories of moving images.

The next edition of the Festival will focus more attentivelly on our relation to images of the past and what is at stake with processes of transformation and mediations from film to video.

Recycling, reusing, hijacking, phagocytizing... here are some of the concepts we will use as prisms through which to rethink our relation to different and experimental films. Since the practice of found footage crytalises many of them, it shall have a peculiar presence in this edition.

Secondly, regarding this year focus on the notion of the archival, we will ask whether the concern by conservation matters is not rather an ideological trap and the result of human hoarding and speculation as practiced within predatory imperial societies. Or is it about genuinely saving what is likely to be forgotten within an image market rather preocupied with seduction and rentability? 

The rapid mutation of spaces where forms of creation and reapropriation of images can be seen forces us to rethink the link that ties together each image to an author. This link has been thought so far on the level of "property". How to negotiate between creators and society an access to new modes of exchanges, cultural contribution and means of subsistance? It is such debate we intent to trigger from the gound of experimental cinema by programming this year Festival edition.



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