I agree with you.

(I don't have all the answers.
I just know my heart is breaking.)
I want filmmakers on this list to understand that this is happening right now. I want people to take a look at the ways of these wondrous sentient animals
in the wild. And I want people to learn and think more deeply about what
these animals actually are.
Conceptually we human beings often hold a very superficial idea
about what something as interesting and complex and distant as an ELEPHANT is
or more importantly what ELEPHANTS really are.
Mostly we have a notion formed in our heads whether we realize it or not
about something that lives in the zoo or at the circus
and that just isn't it.
If you could take a few minutes to read the information on ELEPHANT COGNITION
you might be amazed.
( I just had no idea...)
Or watch this whole film here:
Echo: An Elephant to Remember

Once people here do educate themselves, they can decide to do nothing or do something.
I will tell you that the more you learn the harder it is to do nothing.

I want us to figure out a way fast , to tell the Chinese to stop!

At very least please sign the petition Elizabeth McMahon brilliantly brought to us,

Sign here to voice your opposition to the ivory trade:

The African Environmental Film Foundation
screened their film "White Gold" in Bangkok on March 3.

My understanding is that they will be trying to do just what you suggest. Arne Glimcher of the Pace Gallery is the chairman of the foundation, he says
they plan to show the film in Beijing, with a Mandarin narration,
in Hong Kong,Singapore,Thailand, Indonesia and Japan.

No question, here FILM and the fate of this animal are inextricably linked.


On Mar 18, 2013, at 5:36 PM, Sandra Maliga wrote:

This is tragic and infuriating.

Why can't anyone tell the Chinese people that elephants are threatened? If elephants are extinct there will be NO MORE IVORY. Don't they have media in China? Get the word out.

Why don't the Chinese import some elephants and start their own herd? They could manage them carefully and eventually harvest ivory when the herd needs thinning. No matter the cost; demand for ivory will drive the price ever higher. They could promote "homegrown" ivory as superior.

Documentaries shown in the US and Europe make us feel bad but don't save animals. How about showing some documentaries in China? How about a message on every cell phone in China? I'd give money for that.

- Sandy Maliga

On Mar 18, 2013, at 11:02 AM, David Baker <> wrote:

Esteemed cohorts everyone,

What I really love besides Experimental Film are Elephants.
I LOVE all Elephants but especially those that live free in the wild.
I love the complexity of elephant societies.

Something amazing to read is:

Something important to see is:
National Geographic - Battle For The Elephants (2013)

I hope everybody on this forum is aware of the horror that is happening to these animals right now, today.
More Elephants are being killed
than are being born. They are being wiped out, expunged from the earth.
The numbers of those massacred are crazy.
Last year 30,000 elephants were murdered.
The killing rate is accelerating. The New York Times describes it as a frenzy. Horribly helicopters and machine guns do the job annihilating whole herds.
China is the problem.
The CHINESE demand the elephant's ivory tusks to make ludicrous carved luxury goods.

If there is hope it might be through FILM.

Apparently, ridiculously the burgeoning Chinese middle class thinks elephant tusks fall out naturally.
They call them elephant teeth.
Using film to educate in Africa and China may be the elephants last best hope.

The Experimental Film community can contribute importantly and make a difference. Kickstarter it isn't, but If you want to help or know of a cognizant compassionate human being who does
please go here:

or here

If you are a teacher please share this with your students.
Time is of the essence.
The force of human compassion is the solution.

-David Baker
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