Does anyone have (or know where I might find) a DVD of a German feature film 
called “Rhinegold,” made in 1978 by Niklaus Schilling?  We showed it at FILMEX 
that year and I thought it was amazing, but it was never released in the U.S. 
There was a DVD at one point during these 35 years, but it seems to be out of 
print. I can’t find a mention of it anywhere other than IMDB (which has a 
picture of the DVD cover). Schilling is a cinematographer who shot Fassbinder’s 
“The Bridegroom, The Comedienne and the Pimp,” and the star of “Rhinegold” is 
the marvelous Fassbinder actress Elke Haltaufderheide (Berlin Alexanderplatz). 
Please contact me offlist if you want to be discreet.

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