Just in case the purveyors of the $100 film festival are reading...I agree
that their film festival is great, and they are super generous to the
filmmakers they select. They actually pay honoraria, which is 1 in
1,000,000 these days. I hope they keep it up.


On Sun, Mar 24, 2013 at 10:36 AM, John Woods <jawood...@yahoo.ca> wrote:

> Hi Doug,
> I often think the same thing though I am lucky to be know several local
> analog filmmakers that I call friends. While there is a large community of
> people working with film, its very scattered and it might take a direct
> approach to meet like minded people in this age.
> I was in Calgary a few weeks ago for the $100 Film Festival. I'd screened
> there a few years ago and had a new film in this years festival. They only
> screen Super 8 and 16mm prints and I was curious as what 3 nights of film
> prints in the 21st century would be like.
> The festival organizers were terrific people and the programming was very
> strong. I was made to feel very welcome and I do think I will try to attend
> again. And best of all the crowds were huge (200-300 I'd guess) and quite
> lively. Animated films, gag films, abstract experimenting, several
> narratives. It was a very diverse show and quite entertaining.
> I also got to meet several local and out of town filmmakers, Paul Clipson
> gave an amazing talk and presented his Super 8 prints personally. It was
> amazing to be able to grab a beer with a few people you met the day before
> and talk film stocks and share ideas. There was a healthy contingent of
> filmmakers from the Canadian Prairies up on the screen. Obviously most
> people are working digitally but their traditional film scene has the
> benefit of an annual event to plan films for and gather. And it seems most
> people that I met there who are working on film are in there 20s and 30s
> and there are few of the old guard who just never stopped working with 16mm.
> I had a great time and I think I will try to attend again in the future.
> My advice is to look out for events like this and plan a trip.
> John Woods
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> *Subject:* [Frameworks] Anyone else like me out there?
>  As an isolated 16mm abstract moviemaker I'm very interested to know if
> there's anyone else like me around today?
>  Specifically, is there anyone who works on photo-chemical celluloid
> motion picture film and makes any kind of formal aesthetic work that
> is either purely cinematic, abstract, or just generally lyrical and poetic,
> visually speaking?
> I'm 30 and I spent 3 years and 10,000 dollars making a really ambitious
> and stylized abstract 16mm movie called "PALMS", it's a serious piece of
> work that I think is worthy of following in the tradition of what I feel
> are the truly great non-narrative cinematic artists such as Will Hindle,
> Ed Emshwiller, James Whitney, Pat O'Neill, Jordan Belson, Scott Bartlett,
> Bruce Baillie, Maya Deren, Slavko Vorkapich, and Dziga Vertov, among others.
> Are other people out there, particularly people younger than 50 and
> currently active, who are also passionate and excited by the work of all
> these great cinematic artists and are committed to working on celluloid?
> The last 3 years have been a struggle for me to make another movie and to
> get my 1st one even seen by anyone. and i also just haven't been able to
> find people who share my love of cinematic technique and will share it in
> any way, such as emailing or talking to each other about great shots and
> montages and optical techniques or sound design techniques in the brilliant
> movies by these artists.
> That kind of community and sharing is i feel necessary, even if only
> between a few people, and it's sad when we're so alone in our struggling
> and hard work. The only current 16mm moviemakers I know that are similar to
> me in any way are Timoleon Wilkins and Mark Toscano and they are
> unfortunately inaccessible for various reasons. I can't see their
> work or stay in touch with them as friends or even associates.
> Especially nowadays with all these faster, easier, and cheaper ways of
> communicating around the whole world such as the internet and cell phones,
> it's amazing how it seems like most people are if anything more reluctant
> and difficult about staying in touch and enjoying community and fellowship.
> I know that maybe there are some really great cinematic-celluloid artists
> working today out there who just make their work for themselves and don't
> really show it and don't desire to  know other cinema enthusiasts. In a way
> I can understand wanting to be like that and maybe nowadays it's the only
> way to be. I might get like that too but right now I would welcome the
> interest and association of serious people whom love what I love and, as my
> mentor the great Bruce Baillie would say, want to be human to each other
> about it.
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