Geez, Mike Snow's Back and Forth has nothing to do with 'dizziness' or 
'disorientation'. There is a room, four windows, a door and some people doing 
things – the camera position only moves once (just after the beginning). In 
terms of phenomena it is remarkably 'static'. Ask yourself, is Wavelength 
'about' 'horizontal vertigo'? Yikes.

If you're in Wien then check out Kurt's material with Günter Brus and Otto's 


Michael Snow's Back and Forth would be the best example I can think of off the 
top of my head.

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Dear frameworkers,
We are currently conceiving a research project, including film screenings, on 
the phenomenon of Dizziness/Disorientation seen as a resource for thought and 
artistic practice.
Could you please recommend theory writings or artists' films and videos?
Thank you!
Ruth + Leo

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