Not the typical filmmaker to be discussed on Frameworks - although in
the genre of b,c, and z exploitation movies, he was a one-of-a-kind
artist: obsessive, erotomanic, with his films constituting their own
particular, surreal universe with many cross-references and recurring
characters. Next to directing, he often acted in his own films,
operated the camera (with which he pioneered the rapid pubic area
zoom) and composed their musical scores. Constantly on the run from
his creditors, he often shot three or more films simultaneously
without his producers and even actors and crew knowing.

Jess Franco died today at age 82.

At WORM in Rotterdam, we'll spontaneously celebrate his eccentric
genius with a Jess Franco film night this Saturday night starting at
8:30 p.m.. (Entrance is free, but obtain a password from
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