Experiments in Cinema v8.53 (an annual Basement Films production)

April 14-21, 2013

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Witness cinema like you’ve never experienced it before!  For the 8th year,
Experiments in Cinema brings the international community of cinematic
“Un-dependents” to Albuquerque, reminding us that filmmaking has a cultural
responsibility which transcends the pathetically produced, popcorn poo-poo
that we have come to know as “going to the movies.”  Arise
cinephile-comrades!  Pick up your cameras and join us as we reclaim the
media pixel by bloody pixel!

See www.experimentsincinema.com for more information about our screenings,
workshops, lectures and outreach program.

Bryan Konefsky
director, Experiments in Cinema
president, Basement Films
Professional product tester

Great art has always gone to the masses, to their hopes and dreams, for
that spark that kindled their souls. The rest, "the many, all too many" as
Nietzsche called mediocrity, have been mere commodities that can be bought
with money, cheap glory, or social position.
- Emma Goldman
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