Dear Frameworkers,I'll be teaching a History of the American Avant-garde
class in the fall (there'll be 2 weeks of early cinema and then we'll move
quickly into the 1942-present period) -- and I would like to have a good
history to use as the basic text,  to be supplemented with journal essays,
artist's essays etc. Is there a text you'd recommend, preferably one that
discusses some of the major critical responses to the films as well as the
films themselves?

The class will be offered to juniors and seniors, with very little
experimental film background or experience.  There will be a production for
component for students who sign up for it (so students can take the history
course alone or take an experimental production course in conjunction with
my crit/hist class).   Feel free to respond to me offlist.
Many thanks, Joan

Joan Hawkins
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