A scan from new (recently processed) film should not have a significant amount 
of dirt, dust, or scratches -- hardly any. Color neg dust will be more obvious 
since it shows up as white rather than black. 

But the best way to deal with this is to clean the film and have it scanned by 
someone competent on a good scanner (with diffuse light).  From your earlier 
posts it sounds like your scans were done by someone who didn't know what they 
were doing. 

Digital fixes should be saved for cases where the film is damaged and there 
aren't ways to scan it  without those defects. 

Good luck!

Jeff Kreines

On May 25, 2013, at 4:45 PM, Marco Poloni <> wrote:

> Dear frameworkers,
> I have another question. This one is specific to de-dusting scanned
> film footage (e.g. S-8mm) in a digital workflow (e.g. final cut pro).
> Sometimes dust, hair and scratches are detrimental to the visual
> impression one tries to achieve. I have tried in the past to remove
> hair or other dust manually. This is, extracting the photogram from
> FCP, importing it into Photoshop, cleaning the photogram and
> re-importing that frame into the slot in the timeline where it was
> extracted from. This works in theory but in practice I sometmes ended
> up with that one photogram having a visible colour mismatch. I have
> not found a way to match the colour space of FCP and Photoshop, but
> must admit I haven't tried hard enough.
> I recently fiddled with another method. Importing a whole clip into
> photoshop. Photoshop CS5 extended can handle time-based images. Then
> it's pretty straightforward: locate the photogram and clean it in the
> image window as one would with a normal photograph. Then re-export the
> clip through Export -> Render Video. I have played a bit with it but
> never really tried it for a project.
> Does anyone have experience with this, or an even better method to share?
> Thanks,
> Best,
> Marco
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