That is what I know the word to mean, however I do not understand the purpose 
of your post. Are you offering a venue to show films that you squat in?
I had a friend in UK, who i stayed with for awhile, who was in a Squat and it 
was a very loving and unique environment. All were good people, trying to find 
a way to make it in society, which they all have by now. But it was a good help 
for them to have free or low rent.

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"Squatting" is the occupation of an empty building, nothing to do with 
projection facilities. 

In the 1970s, hundreds, if not thousands, of empty buildings in London were 
squatted by homeless people. Hard to imagine now, especially since it became 
illegal this year in the UK,


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What do you mean by "Squotted" Can they show films digitally. It was shot on 
film but is finished in digital format.

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Dear Frameworkers,

in Milan, Italy, a real cinema was squotted yesterday.

All frameworkers that can go to Milan are welcome ,and can show their film.

Please contact me.

You can see the cinema in the attached Photo

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