I'm seeking a sound designer for my latest film, For Shadows. The show is 27 
minutes long, 99 per cent picture locked, and presents some very unique audio 
challenges, given its formal integration of home movies, onscreen text, and 
re-purposed voiceover audio clips from 1940 and 1950s era mental hygiene films.

I'm looking for a designer who has a particular appreciation of and affinity 
for re-working analog sound sources. An interest in psychology and mental 
health would be most welcomed, but is not required. I'd be happy to discuss the 
project aesthetics and pay scale in more detail by phone. A good place to start 
would be to send me URLs of your work. 

Any additional recommendations for sound designers whose work might be 
complimentary to what I'm seeking would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks...Ken 

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