Check out MUBI Notebook for some good interviews with and criticism on Benning.

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The Austrian Film Museum published an exceptionally good book on Benning in 
2007, edited by Barbara Pichler and Claudia Slanar, through their Filmmuseum 
Synema Publikationen imprint.
If memory serves, there are several essays that touch on your

Also Benning was profiled and interviewed in the excellent Canadian
    magazine CinemaScope a few years ago when RR came out.

You can check on both these publications at their respective

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On 7/7/2013 9:36 AM, Ben Gwilliam wrote:

>Was wondering if anyone knew about any literature or online critique on the 
>films of James Benning, specifically on the experience of looking and anything 
>about his sound design. Mucho apprecio!
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