CFP: SCMS 2014: Panel on Sexuality and Urban Space
Seattle, Washington March 19-March 23Chaired by Ara Osterweil and Amy Herzog: 
We are looking for one more paper!!

Hi everyone,Amy and I have been looking forward to collaborating for a long 
time, and this seems like a perfect opportunity. We are both broadly interested 
in issues of avant-garde/ artist cinema, sexuality, urban space, the public 
sphere, fantasy, and violence, but are of course open to new directions, 
interpretations, and inspirations of these and related ideas. While a more 
thorough explanation of the panel will be forthcoming to anyone who responds 
with interest, here's a quick preview of what we're each thinking:

•Amy Herzog is currently working on VALIE EXPORT (specifically Tap and Touch 
Cinema and the mythology surrounding Genital Panik) and Shirley Clarke 
(especially her imagined Pleasure Palace Theater of the Future and her 
collaborative Head-Body Games) as an extension of Amy's ongoing work on Times 
Square in the 1960s and 70s and the peep show. The focus will be on certain 
resonant themes circulating within these projects and in contemporaneous peep 
arcades: public sexuality, haptic-experience-based forums, interactivity and 
the mediated body. I’m also thinking through the politics of virtual feminist 
interventions, either future-leaning proposals, or reconstructions of events 
that “should have” happened.

•Ara Osterweil is currently working on Kenneth Anger's film Fireworks (1947) 
and its relation to the militarization of the public sphere during World War 
and, more specifically the infamous "zoot suit" riots of Los Angeles. I'm 
interested in the ways that the sadomasochistic sexual fantasies chronicled in 
this film emerge in relation to larger questions concerning the regulation of 
urban space, minority sexual culture, racism, and the imagination of adolescent 

These are brief descriptions, but at this point, we wanted to very quickly get 
an idea if any of you were interested in submitting a paper? Ideally we are 
looking for one more speaker as well as a possible respondent. Unlike the 
usually deadly conference panel, we're hoping to do something vital and fun 
around these exciting issues. Too often, good, engaging writing and speaking 
gets sacrificed to the unforgiving deadlines and structure of a conference, but 
we think with a little creativity and some energetic collaboration, this need 
not be the case. 
If you have something that might work, don't hesitate to contact us asap at: and                                  
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