i screened some of his work at some curated shows and i think he was a kind
genius > that was my experience anyway > thanks for the post about him
passing > i dont believe in death per say only transformation > i dont
believe in belief either so... but it is sad to see a life go > though he
is still with us i think > he is a great spirit art makes shifts in and of
itself without getting accolades from the constituency

perhaps a tribute can be made a memorial like we did with brakhage in nyc
but mark fr the academy can possibly get him in the tribute they have at
the oscars too plus i dont know if his work is archived > maybe at MOMA ?
anyone know?

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On Sat, Jul 27, 2013 at 2:58 AM, Chuck Kleinhans

>  On Jul 26, 2013, at 10:46 PM, David Baker wrote:
>  How is it possible
> on an "Experimental Film Discussion List"
> that so little is said in salute
> when someone of this singular magnitude
> of achievement passes into the cosmic ether
> of eternity?
>  When I heard of his passing, I wondered how many younger folks had even
> heard of him, much less seen some of his work.
>  It might be useful to think about the highly uneven reception some
> artists get and the reasons for that.  Perhaps leaving NYC has some effect,
> since most of his later career was in flyover country, Ohio.  Or being a
> pretty trippy and psychedelic type of maker in some of his work.  Perhaps
> some of it was not being written about enough by critics, or curated into
> shows often enough, or touring enough.  But some of it must have also been
> precisely because of his ease in shifting from one medium to another, and
> thus not fitting into "experimental film" in a pure sense because he also
> was involved in video and electronic music and image processing.  It's less
> the case now, but for a long time there was a lot of purism in film circles.
>  Chuck Kleinhans
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