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"Distractions" by Kat McLain

LITTLE SCUZZY FILM FEST (Carbondale, IL, USA; Deadline: October 10, 2013)
Experimental Documentaries (new york, NY; Deadline: October 15, 2013)
Images Festival (Toronto, Ontario; Deadline: November 15, 2013)
Comedy Ninja Film Festival (Los Angeles, CA, United States; Deadline: January 
15, 2014)
MONO NO AWARE VII (Brooklyn, New York; Deadline: October 31, 2013)
13 at Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts (Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Deadline: 
August 16, 2013)
Artisans at Work (Toronto; Deadline: August 19, 2013)

Arquiteturas Film Festival Lisbon (Lisbon, Portugal; Deadline: August 01, 2013)
Kinofilm: Manchester International Short Film Festival (Manchester, United 
Kingdom; Deadline: August 15, 2013)
danubeVIDEOARTfestival (Austria; Deadline: August 31, 2013)
Innsbruck Nature Film Festival (Innsbruck, Austria; Deadline: August 31, 2013)
Visible Verse Festival (Vancouver; Deadline: August 01, 2013)
Transient Visions: Festival of the Moving Image (Johnson City, NY, USA; 
Deadline: August 01, 2013)
13 at Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts (Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Deadline: 
August 16, 2013)
Artisans at Work (Toronto; Deadline: August 19, 2013)

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 *  Immovable Objects: Film Works By Rachael Guma & A Special Performance By
    Optipus [July 27, Brooklyn, New York]
 *  Pedro AlmóDovar, Labyrinth of Passion At El Charro Espanol! [July 27, New 
York, New York]
 *  Essential Cinema: Conner & Conrad Program [July 27, New York, New York]
 *  Essential Cinema: Eggeling/Cavalcanti Program [July 27, New York, New York]
 *  The Poetics of Mountains, their Mutations and Multifarious Things,
    Verbier, 27-28 July 2013 [July 27, Verbier]
 *  Sight Unseen Presents: Perpetual Memory [July 28, Baltimore]
 *  How To Be A Crook and Succeed In the Art World: Useful Tips For Artists
    and Galleries [July 28, Brooklyn, New York]
 *  Michael Klier's Der Riese [The Giant]       --  Encore Screening! [July 28, 
Chicago, IL]
 *  Los Angeles Filmforum Presents "Live and In Color: An Evening With Simon
    Tarr" [July 28, Los Angeles, California]
 *  The Artist and the Fragile Emulsion [July 28, Washington, DC]
 *  Simone Di Bagno and Michele Capozzi, T.V. Transvestite Screening [July 29, 
New York, New York]
 *  Jem Cohen Program 1 [July 29, New York, New York]
 *  Early Monthly Segments #53 [July 29, Toronto, Ontario, Canada]
 *  Sarah Maldoror's Sambizanga [July 30, Brooklyn, NY]
 *  Jem Cohen Program 2 [July 30, New York, New York]
 *  Notes + A Few Tunes Going Out [July 31, Boston, MA]
 *  The Re- Taking of Pelham 1,2,3 (X3)   Film(S) and Live Music  With Mark
    Street, Bradford Reed and Geoff Gersh [July 31, Brooklyn, NY]
 *  Double vision [July 31, Brooklyn, New York]
 *  Gay videos and Fims From Youtube At Julius'! [July 31, New York, New York]
 *  Experimental Documentaries [July 31, New York, New York]
 *  Now What #2: Film, video, New Media and Performance, Curated By
    Microscope [August 1, Brooklyn, New York]
 *  Heat Waves: Robert Todd Films &Amp; Synthhumpers + Guests Music [August 2, 
Brooklyn, NY]
 *  1,000 Leagues Under the City With the Goat Family and More! [August 2, San 
Francisco, CA]
 *  Essential Cinema: Charlie Chaplin Program 1 [August 4, New York, New York]
 *  Essential Cinema: Charlie Chaplin Program 2 [August 4, New York, New York]
 *  Essential Cinema: Charlie Chaplin Program 3 [August 4, New York, New York]

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Brooklyn, New York: Microscope Gallery
7pm, 4 Charles Place Brooklyn, NY 11221

  w/ Bradley Eros, Victoria Keddie, Timothy Geraghty, and Rachelle Rahme
  // admission $6 – artists in person // Microscope Gallery is very
  pleased to welcome Rachael Guma for a night of her Super 8 film & film
  performance works involving live sound and vinyl record manipulations.
  Guma kicks off the program with a screening of Dear Phone, the 1976
  short film by Peter Greenaway, an artist who has highly inspired her
  work. The night concludes with a live visual/sound poem performance of
  "A Poison Tree – William Blake" by Guma and other members of the
  expanded cinema collective Optipus. 

New York, New York: Dirty Looks NYC
2PM - 5PM, El Charro Espanol, 4 Charles Street (RSVP)

  Pedro Almódovar, Labyrinth of Passion, 35mm on DVD, color, 1982. Curated
  by TIffany Malakooti. Labyrinth of Passion follows scantily disguised
  but heavily camped-up members of the Iranian royal family in their
  famous period of limbo following the revolution of 1979 as they are
  thrust by Pedro Almódovar into extravagant plot lines that weave
  hilariously between historical accuracy and ribald fantasy. "Toraya,"
  the disgruntled ex-empress is desperate to fertilize herself with royal
  seed via the young Crown Prince "Riza." Riza is busy attempting to cure
  himself of his homosexuality after falling in love with a nymphomaniac
  pop star named Sexilia, but his former lover Sadec (played by a young
  and nubile Antonio Banderas) is secretly a pro-Khomeini terrorist
  belonging to a group attempting to kidnap him. Plus, plastic surgery,
  doctors, laxatives, and other culturally appropriate themes. RSVP for

New York, New York: Anthology Film Archives
6:00 pm, 32 2nd Avenue

  Bruce Conner A MOVIE (1958, 12 min, 16mm) COSMIC RAY (1961, 4 min, 16mm)
  REPORT (1965, 13 min, 16mm) Three films by the master and poet of the
  collage film. COSMIC RAY and REPORT have been preserved by Anthology
  through the National Film Preservation Foundation's Avant-Garde Masters
  Grant program funded by The Film Foundation. Tony Conrad THE FLICKER
  1966, 30 min, 16mm. Preserved by Anthology with funding provided by the
  National Film Preservation Foundation. Mathematical and rhythmical
  orchestration of white and black frames. Total running time: ca. 65 min.

New York, New York: Anthology Film Archives
7:30 pm, 32 2nd Avenue

  Viking Eggeling SYMPHONIE DIAGONALE 1924, 8 minutes, 35mm. Alberto
  Cavalcanti RIEN QUE LES HEURES / NOTHING BUT THE HOURS 1928, 52 minutes,
  35mm. A "city symphony" interweaving documentary, experimental, and
  narrative elements that provide vivid images of Paris in the mid-1920s.
  Total running time: ca. 65 minutes.

Verbier: Artprojx Cinema
17:30, Place Medran

 VERBIER, 27-28 JULY 2013
  Artprojx presents: 'the poetics of mountains, their mutations and
  multifarious things'. Selected by David Gryn. Screening in Verbier,
  Switzerland 27-28 July 2013. Verbier 3-D as part of its 'Mutations'
  programme. >>>> Artists: Darren Almond, Sanford Biggers, Janet Biggs,
  Ulu Braun, Louise Camrass, Eli Cortinas, Shezad Dawood, Kota Ezawa,
  Clare Langan, Melanie Manchot, Takeshi Murata and Billy Grant, Mariele
  Neudecker, Johanna Reich, DJ Spooky, Jaan Toomik, Fabian Weber | Aubert
  Vanderlinden | Paul Gladstone-Reid. >>>> The poetics of mountains, their
  mutations and multifarious things is a reflection on the place of this
  screening and how an audience engages with it's own reflection. A
  programme of mountain, snow, ice, the outsider and mutation inspired and
  related films.

SUNDAY, JULY 28, 2013

Baltimore: Sight Unseen
9:00pm, The WindUp Space, 12 W. North Ave.

  For its first anniversary, Sight Unseen presents Perpetual Memory, a
  group program of mesmerizing, seminal masterpieces on celluloid. These
  experimental feats of cinema continue to achieve an affective, recurring
  response from contemporary viewers. Via visceral and intellectual
  variations upon classical composition, mass media, and personal peril,
  these award-winning works established alternative modes of filmmaking
  that enhanced earlier aesthetic traditions and are still emulated by
  younger generations of moving image practitioners. Enmeshed in
  exponential shifts to the status quo, these four breakthrough films
  reveal seductive motions towards sublime beauty as well as psychological
  shock. Featuring films by Bruce Conner, Maya Deren, Chris Marker, &
  Norman McLaren. For more information, visit FREE ADMISSION.

Brooklyn, New York: Microscope Gallery
7pm, 4 Charles Place Brooklyn, NY 11221

  an improvised discussion // OUTLAW: NEW WORKS artist Jonas Mekas will
  attend // Doors 6:40 – admission is free // On the final weekend of
  Jonas Mekas' OUTLAW: NEW WORKS, an exhibition inspired by the artist's
  "money draining and annoying 'dispute' with a former gallery –
  Microscope presents the improvisational discussion "How to be a Crook
  and Succeed in the Art World: Useful Tips for Artists & Galleries." A
  reception with the artist follows the discussion. Please note the
  discussion will start promptly at 7pm.

Chicago, IL: White Light Cinema
8pm, The Nightingale, 1084 N. Milwaukee

  White Light Cinema and The Nightingale Present, Michael Klier's DER
  RIESE [THE GIANT] -- Encore Screening! - A Prescient 1983 German Film
  Essay on Surveillance - Saturday, July 27 – 8:00pm, At the
  Nightingale (1084 N. Milwaukee Ave.) - - Der Riese [The Giant] - Michael
  Klier (1983, 82 min, Video on DVD, West Germany) - "Comprised entirely
  of material generated by surveillance cameras, Der Riese is a rhapsodic
  but ominous work depicting the world with a cold mechanical spirit. That
  nothing can escape the chill stare of surveillance is only the starting
  point of Klier's tape. People come and go in public places-parks,
  department stores, banks, airports-like lifeless ciphers, unaware of the
  authoritarian stare of the camera. The flattened field of vision,
  black-and-white imagery, and sterile quality of the technology make the
  inhabitants of Der Riese emptied shadows. They are the signs of life;
  truly signs, not the flesh rendered in two dimensions. Lyrically
  constructed sequences unfold to the strains of Mahler and Wagner, adding
  an almost heroic mood to much of this dark work. But this is where Der
  Riese excels-footage seemingly impervious to meaning here acquires the
  energy of high drama. Even the unblinking eye of the surveillance camera
  can be foiled." (Steve Seid, Pacific Film Archive)

Los Angeles, California: Filmforum
7:30pm, Spielberg Theatre at the Egyptian, 6712 Hollywood Blvd.

  Filmmaker Simon Tarr in person! Simon Tarr comes from South Carolina
  with films and live cinema performance! Many Los Angeles premieres! Not
  well known yet on the West Coast, Simon Tarr utilizes a full array of
  methods to create his expressive media work. Sometimes he grabs video
  glitches and renders them in one luxurious colorful whole; other times
  he films fleeting moments in centers of world finance. He manipulates
  found footage in completed works and live "remixes" that change the
  meaning of the original work. It's a shame that we haven't hosted his
  work in Los Angeles previously, and we're delighted to rectify the
  situation. Be sure to come out and see the possibilities! Tickets: $10
  general, $6 students/seniors; free for Filmforum members. Available by
  credit card in advance from Brown Paper Tickets at or at the door. Screening
  (subject to change):  FUD (2006, digital, color, sound, 4 min),
  Lowcountry (2012, digital, color, sound, 7 mins), TIA MAK (2007, live
  performance, color, sound, 15 min), Giri Chit (2009, digital, color,
  sound, 14 min), Interruptus (2011, digital, color, sound, 4 min), Drang
  8th Ave (2012, digital, color, sound, 1 min), Mother of the World (2011,
  digital, color, sound, 12 min), Glitchscape (2013, live performance,
  color, sound, 14 min) 

Washington, DC: National Gallery of Art
4:30pm, 6th Street & Constitution Avenue NW

  Jon Gartenberg in person Short innovative films by Andy Warhol, Warren
  Sonbert, David Wojnarowicz, Jack Waters, Ken Jacobs, and Beryl Sokoloff
  are screened during an illustrated presentation by archivist and curator
  Jon Gartenberg, specialist in restoring the legacy of moving image
  artists. Total running time approximately 90 minutes. 

MONDAY, JULY 29, 2013

New York, New York: Dirty Looks NYC
9PM, Don Pedro (Bathsalts), 90 Manhattan Avenue 

  16mm on video, 1982 Curated by Bradford Nordeen. Predating Paris Is
  Burning by 8 years, T.V. Transvestite offers a rare glimpse into the
  ball scene in Harlem of the 1980s. Featuring drag legends Pepper
  LaBeija, Doran Corey and Sugar, the film was initially released to
  incredible acclaim by filmmakers like Federico Fellini and Michelangelo
  Antonioni. The film's distribution was truncated, however, due to
  musical licensing issues, and was considered lost for 30 years.

New York, New York: Anthology Film Archives
7:30 pm, 32 2nd Avenue

  Jem Cohen has long-since established himself as one of the most gifted
  and uncompromising of independent American filmmakers, creating a body
  of work over the past 30 years that encompasses shorts and features;
  Super-8, 16mm, and digital works; and documentaries, music videos, and
  narrative films. Demonstrating both a preoccupation with music (and
  other art forms), and a deep commitment to critiquing the excesses of
  American society, he has worked at the intersection of culture and
  politics throughout his career. Following on the release of his most
  recent feature, MUSEUM HOURS, set to open in NYC in June, we present two
  programs focused on his short films – one highlighting some of his
  earliest works, the other showcasing more recent but still
  rarely-screened pieces. Though his features have garnered a great deal
  of (well-deserved) attention, these short works reveal another, equally
  important dimension of his cinema. PROGRAM 1: SOME EARLY WORK BURIED IN
  LIGHT 1994, 60 min, Super-8mm-to-digital video Music: Tom Cora, Ben
  Katchor, Vic Chesnutt, Stephen Vitiello, Gabriel Cohen, and Knox
  Chandler. A personal exploration of Central and Eastern Europe in a time
  of massive change, the film consists of dispatches from Berlin, Prague,
  Krakow, Budapest, and Dresden. Visual shortwave, jumbled dictionaries,
  and the ghosts of Hitler, Stalin, and Disney. "When I traveled to
  Central and Eastern Europe in '92 and '93, the euphoria surrounding the
  dramatic changes of '89 had already faded. I felt that I had come just
  in time to see Old Europe being carted off to the dustbin, renovated,
  and welcomed into the international shopping mall network. With this
  project, I set out to explore this fleeting juncture, and to capture
  something of a world that seemed about to disappear. As a descendent of
  Eastern European immigrants, my travels took on an added individual
  significance." –J.C. JUST HOLD STILL 1989, 32 min, Super-8mm-to-digital
  video This compilation was intended to work like a visual LP ('long
  playing record') and was released with the following manifesto: "Where
  documentary collides. Music video as independent film. Birds as
  punctuation". Side A was called "The Heart is Attached" and consisted of
  the following shorts: 4:44 (FROM HER HOUSE HOME) (1989, 3.5 min) A
  certain kind of night collected: trees, houses, footsteps, and narrative
  skimmed. In support of unsolved mysteries. NEVER CHANGE (1988, 4.5 min)
  Filmed here and there, but mostly coming down one California mountain in
  a quiet storm of film grain and fog. The text is a poem read by Blake
  Nelson. LOVE TELLER (1989, 2.5 min. Made with Ben Katchor.) A 42nd St.
  arcade machine and the science of the human heart. LIGHT YEARS (1989,
  4.5 min) Personal history, passing friends, and why does memory look so
  much like Super 8? Side B was called "City Song" and contained the
  following: CITYFILMS COLLECT (1989, 2.5 min, silent, b&w) Brief
  photoplays from unrehearsed New York, including rare documentation of
  the Motorcycle Christ. GLUE MAN (1989, 5 min) A collaboration with the
  band, Fugazi, built around some troubling footage that I'd gathered from
  Brooklyn windows, and some music the band was developing concurrently.
  Video and song were intertwined, a shared deconstruction. Our intention
  was to challenge the music video form on several fronts: creating a
  piece that foregrounded documentary footage rather than pop conventions,
  finding ways to meld images and music outside of the commercial stream
  dictated by MTV and the record industry. In short, thinking about the
  problem of when to avert one's eyes, while making a 'music video' with
  nothing to sell. TALK ABOUT THE PASSION (1988, 3.5 min) In collaboration
  with the band, R.E.M., my first (non) music video, with some images
  borrowed from THIS IS A HISTORY OF NEW YORK. Concerns homelessness, but
  it's also simply about counting and accountability. Total running time:
  ca. 95 min.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Early Monthly Segments
8:00 PM, Gladstone Hotel, 1214 Queen Street West

  Perceptual Intensities // Guest programmed by Michael Zryd Three films
  rooted in real and resonant spaces that magnify the transformative
  process of aesthetic contact between eye/ear/body and the matter/wave
  forms of the world.A student film from David Bienstock's masters studies
  at New York University, Brummer's takes its young couple through a
  whirlwind of Godard, Technicolor, and breakfast. Peggy's Blue Skylight
  is a loose and lovely romp through Joyce Wieland and Michael Snow's loft
  in New York, shot originally on 8mm and transferred to 16mm colour stock
  in 1985. The title comes from a jazz piece by Charles Mingus and Paul
  Bley performs the soundtrack. The fifth film in Hollis Frampton's 7-part
  Hapax Legomena, Ordinary Matter was also the last film of the series to
  be completed, partly due to Frampton's ambitious original plan to have
  the sound track consist of verbal descriptions by three women and three
  men of Marcel Duchamp's Given: 1. The Waterfall, 2. The Illuminating
  Gas. The current soundtrack is a non-sync recording of Frampton reading
  what he called the "Wade-Giles syllabary of the Chinese language," an
  attempt to translate ideograms (idea-pictures) to phonemes (units of
  sound). Frampton's description of the film gets us started: "A vision of
  a journey, during which the eye of the mind drives headlong through
  Salisbury Cloister (a monument to enclosure), Brooklyn Bridge (a
  monument to connection), Stonehenge (a monument to the intercourse
  between consciousness and LIGHT)… visiting along the way diverse
  meadows, barns, waters where I now live; and ending in the remembered
  cornfields of my childhood." Like Duchamp's posthumous installation,
  Ordinary Matter is less about what we see (or think we see) than the
  work of perception and consciousness as it swings between matter and
  energy. As Frampton says in A Lecture: "This is where we came in."
  Programme: Brummer's, David Bienstock, 1967, USA, 16mm, 10 min Peggy's
  Blue Skylight, Joyce Wieland, 1965, USA/Canada, Super-8 on 16mm, 12 min
  Ordinary Matter, Hollis Frampton, 1972, USA, 16mm, 36 min. sound on tape
  @ Gladstone Hotel, Art Bar 1214 Queen St West Monday July 29, 2013 8:00
  PM screening $5-10 suggested donation Thanks to the Gladstone Hotel,
  CFMDC and York University. Contact for
  email list. Next up: EMS #54 = Monday August 19, 2013 = TBA

TUESDAY, JULY 30, 2013

Brooklyn, NY: Light Industry
7:30pm, 155 Freeman Street

  Sambizanga, Sarah Maldoror, 16mm, 1972, 102 mins - "Sarah
  Maldoror's Sambizanga is a film about acting. In fact, the film was seen
  to be so effective at mobilizing action that the Portuguese colonial
  authorities banned it from being screened in their then province of
  Angola. It was first seen publicly in Angola only after the country won
  its independence in 1974. Based on a novel by Luandino Vieira, a
  political prisoner of the Portuguese from 1961 to 1974, Sambizanga is a
  fictionalized chronicle of the arrest and fatal imprisonment of a man
  whose underground activities were an impenetrable secret to all around

New York, New York: Anthology Film Archives
7:30 pm, 32 2nd Avenue

  16mm-to-digital video) Moving towards an unknown destination, a group of
  anonymous passengers float through an unidentified landscape,
  accompanied by a guitar piece from Andy Moor of the Ex. The film can be
  seen as a curious parable made in a time of national malaise. It's
  subheading refers to the Book of Daniel, Chapter 11, verse 40: "And at
  the time of the end shall the king of the south push at him: and the
  king of the north shall come against him like a whirlwind, with
  chariots, and with horsemen, and with many ships; and he shall enter
  into the countries, and shall overflow and pass over." REAL BIRDS (2012,
  11 min, digital video) A walk in Gowanus shortly before the 10th
  anniversary of 9/11. ONE BRIGHT DAY (2009, 17 min, digital video) While
  out shooting for a different project, I encountered two sleeping men on
  a Manhattan street. A short time later, I was standing in front of
  Pennsylvania Train Station with the camera on a tripod when one of the
  men suddenly reappeared. He stepped in front of my camera and began to
  speak, about his path in the U.S. military, from Panama to Afghanistan
  to Iraq, about his life. I decided to limit the piece to what I shot in
  that area in those few hours, with one key addition: the text from a
  classic children's rhyme. CROSSING PATHS WITH LUCE VIGO (2010, 12 min,
  16mm-to-digital video) A portrait of Luce Vigo, film critic, educator,
  and the daughter of seminal filmmaker, Jean Vigo. Filmed in Pamplona,
  Spain. Luce reflects on her life and her father's legacy. OPUS LUMINIS
  ET HOMINIS (2010, 14 min, 16mm-to-digital video) Portrait of Pamplona,
  in the North of Spain. This small city is both the home of the fine
  Punto de Vista film festival and, less promisingly, one of the centers
  of the right wing, ultra-Catholic Opus Dei (Works of God). Hence my
  title, which translates to "Works of Light and Man". Total running time:
  ca. 70 min.


Boston, MA: MassArt Film Society
8pm, 621 Huntington Avenue

  Summer MASSART Film Society - NOTES + A FEW TUNES GOING OUT, please join
  me as I present some of my NOTES & TUNES - Program: NOTES OF AN
  EARLY FALL [1976, S8mm, 18fps, color, sound, 33 min.] "Notes of an
  early fall refers to the season in which he returns to his family home
  with his new camera to celebrate Rosh Hashanah, as well as to the
  aesthetic fall from the grace of pure vision into the worldly cacophony
  of synchronous sound (in a hyperbole of Brakhage's polemics) and the
  fall from a prestigious position in what was at the time the strongest
  academic program in avant-garde filmmaking in America..." Taking
  Note: P. Adams Sitney on the films of Saul Levine " - ArtForum,
  May, 2007 by P. Adams Sitney, Full article here:
  ilms.html - NOTES AFTER A LONG SILENCE [1984 - 1989, S8mm, sound, 16
  min.] "Hard-edged poetry. How else could one characterize the films
  of Saul Levine, which cut as they do between jackhammers and B.B. King
  singing the blues? Levine is Boston's own outsider. In the culture of
  public television and whiz bang computer-generated images, Levine sticks
  to his expressionist, tactile guns as the king of Super 8. Perhaps
  better known nationally than in his adopted home city, Saul Levine has
  made a reputation for himself as a prime maker and promoter of the
  American avant-garde film..." - Marjorie Keller, VISIONS MAGAZINE
  Film/Television Arts, N.7 Summer ‘92, Full Article
  nce.html - A FEW TUNES GOING OUT 1974 - 1984, TUNE #1 - BOPPING THE
  GREAT WALL OF CHINA BLUE [1974 - 1984, S8mm, 18fps, sound, 5 min.]
  "A portrait of disc jockey Mai Cramer, filmmaker Dan Barnett, and
  Levine himself. The film cuts between Cramer talking, Barnett working
  and touring China and Levine engaged in the routines of his life.
  Incorporated into the portrait are shots of an astronaut floating in
  space, clouds passing and Chinese women performing their daily exercise.
  As vast space and clouds float by, the film mixes daily routines,
  foreign locales and the expanse of the universe in a work of cinematic
  music and dance." - Marjorie Keller, program note, Collective for
  Living Cinema, 1983 - TUNE #2, GROOVE TO GROOVE [1979 - 1984, S8mm,
  18fps, sound, 13 min.] - w/ MAI CRAMER & JESSE GREEN BLUES BAND -
  TUNE #3, A BRENNEN SOLL COLUMBUS MEDINA [1979 - 1984, S8mm, 18fps,
  sound, 13 min.] A collection of songs, stories, conversations scattered
  and interchangeable at the Memorial Day event. - MASSART FILM SOCIETY,
  Programmed by Saul Levine, FILM SOCIETY is a screening class for MassArt
  film students open to those who are interested. We hope to provide
  access to films and videos not often shown at other venues. -
  Massachusetts College of Art & Design, Film Department Screening RM
  1 | 621 Huntington Ave. Boston MA 02115, Enter MASSART through the South
  Building, Admissions, on Huntington Ave. Suggested donation is $4 at the
  door and free to the MassArt community with their ID. Donations are used
  to give visiting artist something for their expenses of coming to show
  their work.

Brooklyn, NY: Brooklyn Fire Proof
7:00pm, 119 Ingraham Street (in the alley)

  Wednesday July 31 7pm, Brooklyn Fire Proof East 119 Ingraham Street |
  Brooklyn, NY - 5 $ -
  -x3-films-and-live-music/ - In this live performance three slightly
  altered versions of the same film title(made in 1974, 1998 and 2009)
  will be projected side by side. Sound will be mixed from each of the
  three works with live musical improvisation by Bradford Reed and Geoff
  Gersh. - Narrative slippages, abstract fugues and time-travel
  counterpoints collide and mingle in this fractious and riotous remake of
  a remake of a remake of a book adaptation. NYC manages to both evolve
  and stay the same over the course of 35 years, as does visual
  storytelling. - Projection and Concept: Mark Street, Pencilina: Bradford
  Reed, Guitar: Geoff Gersh - Mark Street is an experimental filmmaker who
  works in the tradition of urban street photography, just like his name
  suggests. He has made films in Dakar, Senegal\; Hanoi, Vietnam,
  Montevideo, Uruguay and New York City - -
  Bradford Reed is a Brooklyn based composer, performer and producer who
  fights and tames the idiosyncrasies of the pencilina, an original
  instrument of his own design. - - Geoff Gersh
  is a guitarist/composer who works with filmmakers, choreographers and
  other visual artists. He performs monthly at the Nitehawk Cinema in
  Williamsburg accompanying silent films. -

Brooklyn, New York: MONO NO AWARE
7 pm , Center For Performance Research, 361 Manhattan Avenue 

  Please join Mono No Aware on Wednesday JULY 31st for an intimate
  screening performance with Andrew Lampert, Fern Silva, and David Beard.
  PROGRAM BELOW : "DOUBLE TROUBLE", 2013 Super 8mm Andrew Lampert & Fern
  Silva Double Trouble is an expanded cinema projector performance duo of
  filmmakers Andrew Lampert and Fern Silva. Each reiteration of this piece
  unveils a new double projection experience focused on something they
  came up with at the very last minute. Pasta Fazul! Mangia Cine!!
  David Beard The 'correspondences series' films were made in
  collaboration with photographer Christy Shigekawa. --- Andrew Lampert -
  Working primarily in film, video, and performance, Andrew Lampert
  pursues the alchemy between artist, art, and audience in a public space,
  especially that of cinema. A trained film archivist, Lampert combines a
  Duchampian attention to the gap between an artwork's private intent and
  public reception with an appreciation for the contingency of film as a
  medium, bringing unscripted and chance elements into cinema's veneer of
  control. Reveling in cinema as a performative environment, Lampert
  reclaims this space from a mass media culture to emphasize its potential
  for immediacy and accident. Fern Silva - Is a former instructor for MONO
  NO AWARE's workshop series and a alumni of MONO NO AWARE II. He has
  created a body of film, video, and projection work that has been
  screened and performed at various festivals, galleries, museums and
  cinematheques including the Toronto, Berlin, Locarno, Rotterdam, New
  York, Edinburgh, Images, Oberhausen, and Ann Arbor Film Festivals,
  Anthology Film Archive, Wexner Center for the Arts, San Francisco
  Cinematheque, MALI, BAM, ICA/Boston, and the Greater New York exhibition
  at MOMA P.S.1. His work emerges out of travel and its various effects on
  culture. As a personal artist with an interest in working against
  conventional modes of documentary and narrative film-making, his work
  often gravitates toward ideas surrounding mysticism and the deceptive
  capabilities of memory. He was listed as one of the Top 25 Filmmakers
  for the 21st Century in Film Comment Magazine's Avant-Garde Filmmakers
  Poll, is the recipient of the Gus Van Sant Award from the 49th Ann Arbor
  Film Festival and was nominated for Best International Short Film at the
  2012 Edinburgh International Film Festival. He received a BFA from
  Massachusetts College of Art, MFA from Bard College and is currently
  based in Brooklyn, NY and Chicago, IL where he teaches filmmaking at the
  University of Illinois-Chicago. David Beard - " The greatest influence
  on my visual works is 17 years of involvement in abstract and
  experimental music, translating lessons learned in texture, rhythm, flow
  and improvisation into visual language. I've performed and recorded with
  the bands Kanovanik, the Real Perfections, and Acoustical Cave Band, and
  collaborated with artists and musicians including Daniel Carter, Hanayo,
  Firehorse the DJ, and Vox Populi (Paris). I see the camera first as a
  tool to sharpen one's eye for the world, and secondly as a means of
  sharing that perspective with others. My experimental films reflect
  observation during 'free and easy wandering' and spontaneous decision
  than more than meticulous planning. I view 'art objects' as the residue
  of art in living. Other influences include over a decade of experience
  working in the field of chemistry, daily life in NYC, and the regular
  practice of internal martial arts. I am a 6th generation Men Ren in the
  lineages of Northern Wu Taijiquan and Cheng Style Baguazhang under Frank
  Allen (Wutang PCA). In addition to music and motion picture films, I am
  also active in video, computer art and still photography. " 

New York, New York: Dirty Looks NYC
9PM, Julius’, 159 West 10th Street

  Various Artists, YOUTUBE XXX-Trava-GANZA, 2012, YouTube. Curated by
  Dirty Looks: On Location Curatorial Committee. A YouTube slam. Dueling
  teams try to outdo each other as they scour YouTube in search of the
  "gayest" videos they can find, covering such YouTube genres as: gay
  music videos, obliquely gay videos, and funniest gay home videos. These
  artists were carefully hand-selected by virtue of their cultural acumen
  and the amount of time they spend trolling YouTube videos.

New York, New York: Anthology Film Archives
6:00 PM, 32 Second Ave @ 2nd Street, New York, NY 10003

  Experimental Documentaries on the subject of travel Curated by Tova
  Beck-Friedman A program of short innovative and unconventional
  documentaries. Wednesday, July 31, 2013 at 6:00 PM Anthology Film
  Archive, Deren Theater 32 Second Ave @ 2nd Street, New York, NY 10003
  ****** Colonize the Golden Triangle (From Behind Glass), Jason Halprin,
  12:30 A trip to Northern India - the challenges of being a tourist in
  exotic places. I Was Here, Philippe Leonard, 05:35 An afternoon spent in
  front of the Pantheon in Rome. To Begin With, Mónica Savirón, 08:00 What
  to keep and what to leave behind. Descending into Las Vegas, William A.
  Brown, 02:50 Las Vegas is the sum of all American desires where revelers
  descending into an adult playground. Two Crowd Studies Pensacola,
  William A. Brown, 04:30 Mardi Gras celebration in Pensacola, Florida.
  Antloop Alexander Hahn, 05:33 A fictitious passage to India? Danube
  Treasure, Ada Kobusiewicz, 05:00 Harshness and poetry in the polluted
  Danube river. Mukuntuweap, Enrico Rossini Cullen, 18:00 Impressions of
  Zion National Park. 


Brooklyn, New York: Microscope Gallery
7pm-11pm, 6 Charles Place Brooklyn, NY 11221

  It's summer, now what! Microscope is very pleased to present the 2nd
  installment of now what, a night of screening & moving image performance
  curated from an international open call. The 3 programs include a
  wide-range of mostly new and recent works from established to emerging
  artists working with Super 8mm or 16mm film, digital video, video games,
  appropriated footage (from Youtube, Google & other sources), music
  video, performance and more. The night also features 5 live film and
  video projection performances, most presented for the first time
  including multi-screen, live sound, multiple projectors, glitch and
  weird objects. Program (in 3 parts): // PART I: Doors 7PM, screening
  7:20PM // PART II: 8.45PM // PART III: 10PM // More info and FULL
  PROGRAM available soon at // presented at our
  neighbors, Running Rebel Studios: 6 Charles Place, Brooklyn NY 11221 //
  general admission $8 //students (with ID) $6 


Brooklyn, NY: UnionDocs
7:30pm, 355 Union Ave.

  Filmmaker Robert Todd in attendance for a discussion along with curator
  Rachael Rakes. Synthhumpers + guests to follow. info/tix: - 7:30pm screening, 9:30pm live performance. Suggested
  donation $12 or concert only $9. - Drawing from the resultant archive of
  near-constant filming, Robert Todd assembles his own footage into
  temporal moods which then fracture and multiply through careful editing.
  Todd's extensive body of work comprises a library of emotions and
  observations and reveals a life dedicated to careful looking. Marking
  the pinnacle of summer, this program features a survey of Todd's
  hot-weather films, capturing, interchangeably, the light, oppression,
  curiosity, and clarity of the East Coast summer. - Organized–and
  lemonade provided by– Rachael Rakes, full line-up on the site -
  Following the screening, we will pull up the chairs and welcome sonic
  explorers Synthhumpers. This kitchen table-top sound collaboration
  between Jim Supanick and Josh Solondz features murky improvisations
  which are anchored in trust and transcendental pursuit. For their last
  performance, they repurposed an electric football game for their novel
  interpretation of Alvin Lucier's The Queen of the South at the 2013 Ann
  Arbor Film Festival\; this time they will save Electronic Dance Music
  from itself, summoning the spirits of Kiki Gyan and Sugarfoot Bonner
  through their rhythmmachine. No indie-rocker beard-scratchin' permitted-
  this night is strictly to groove with the two jayesses and their special
  secret guests.

San Francisco, CA: De Young Museum
5pm-9pm, DeYoung, 50 Hagiwara Tea Garden Dr

  A Friday night after-hours art happening at the de Young Museum with
  films and music by the Goat Family. Also Urbanauts, Sean Orlando, Rebar,
  Atlas Obscura, films by the Exploratorium and our friend and host Ben
  Burke. This will start your August off on the right hoof. -


New York, New York: Anthology Film Archives
4:15 pm, 32 2nd Avenue

  A WOMAN (1915, 20 min, 16mm, b&w) EASY STREET (1917, 19 min, 16mm, b&w)
  A DOG'S LIFE (1918, 33 min, 35mm, b&w) Total running time: ca. 75 min.

New York, New York: Anthology Film Archives
6:00 pm, 32 2nd Avenue

  SHOULDER ARMS (1918, 37 min, 35mm, b&w) SUNNYSIDE (1919, 30 min, 35mm,
  b&w) A DAY'S PLEASURE (1919, 19 min, 35mm, b&w) Total running time: ca.
  90 min.

New York, New York: Anthology Film Archives
8:00 pm, 32 2nd Avenue

  THE IDLE CLASS (1921, 32 min, 35mm, b&w) PAY DAY (1922, 22 min, 35mm,
  b&w) THE PILGRIM (1923, 41 min, 35mm, b&w) Total running time: ca. 100

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