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Not too many Mag services in Canada anymore, but we still run (2) locked 16mm or 35mm Magnatech dubbers synchronized to 24 fps or 23.96 with video reference, or can sync to any provided guide track if there are speed concerns / issues

We can transfer to 24 or 16bit .WAV or .AIFF, HD CAM, Digi Beta or Beta SP.

Can transfer from 1/4" Nagra, 2" 24 Trk, DA-88, and T.C. DAT as well.

We check all our optical sound transfers for sych using Mag on our flatbed if provided with a work print.

Dean Allen

Transit Audio Services Ltd.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
(416) 977-9740


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I need to digitize a few sound reels of 16mm fullcoat mag stock. Do you know of any indie facilities have equipment that can do this (such as a Magnatech mag reel machine), or even 16mm sound playback equipment that could be hooked up to a portable digital recorder? I'm based in Chicago, but as it turns out the reels in question are in NYC. I have reached out to Millennium in Brooklyn but haven't gotten a response. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Rob Christopher

Twitter: @randomcha

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