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 From: David Sherman <>
Sent: Wednesday, August 28, 2013 12:09 PM
Subject: [Frameworks] New Experimental Film Venue!

New experimental film venue in Tucson 
I wanted to let the Frameworks community know that we are opening a new 
microcinema this fall called Exploded View in Tucson! Rebecca Barten and myself 
(David Sherman) ran Total Mobile Home microCINEMA in San Francisco in the 90's 
and we did many wonderful shows with visiting filmmakers such as Nathaniel 
Dorsky, Scott Stark, Henry Hills, Zoe Beloff, Bruce Baillie and even Sidney 
Now we are trying a new microcinema experiment in the uncharted Southwest. The 
Fall is pretty much booked but if any filmmakers are planning tours, or visits 
(Robert Breer retired here in Tucson!) to the Southwest corridor in the coming 
year, please send us a query. 
Additionally, we are on a hunt for 1 1/2"  lenses that will work for the throw 
of our space.  We have Kodak Pageant,  Singer Graflex, and Elmo CL projectors. 
If you have, or know of  such 1 1/2" lenses that could be obtained free or at a 
reasonable cost, please contact us. (FYi the 3" Graflex lens that we used for 4 
 years at TMH was given to us in 1993 by Craig Baldwin!!) 
Thanks, David-- 

David Sherman
646 E. 5th Street
Tucson, AZ 8705
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