Hello all,

I am trying to put together some screenings for the Edinburgh venue Summerhall, 
whose autumn theme is broadly 'Performance and Space', at quite short notice.

I'm looking for filmworks, moving image or expanded cinema projects that relate 
to that theme in some meaningful way. Of course, it's a very broad theme...  
I've been looking at various people associated with the London Filmaktion group 
(LFMC), plus works that have a strong component of performance art (those that 
go beyond 'documentation'). But I am also keen to find newer works in this 
territory, or some things from across the ocean. 

If anyone has any helpful suggestions, I would be glad to hear them, here or 

Many thanks,


Richard Ashrowan
Creative Director
Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival
04.04.2014 - 06.04.2014
Hawick, Scottish Borders

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